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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Warm, easy to wear and they don't spend all their time around your neck falling off like a scarf does - cowls are the best invention!
These two I've recently done are actually test knits due for release soon on ravelry - the first is a Poplar cowl - I called my 'raspberry royal' because of the delicious red yarn I used - it features an easy to memorize lace pattern and comes in lots of different yarn weights and size......

and the second is called Chateau - I called mine 'Standing frozen' as the blue sparkle yarn reminded me of the frozen movie and I actually cast on while watching it too. Again the lace pattern is simple to work yet looks gorgeous!
I actually made this one with a special friend in mind and it is winging it's way to her as we speak as a surprise gift :)

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Little Brown Owl said...

And she totally loves it - and you <3 <3