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Friday, December 13, 2013

More craft at Christmas.......

So what are we up to now 11 or 12 days to Christmas?.......It's flying by so here is my next bunch of crafty things to show you as well as some baking and a critter.

A simple drawstring bag I sewed for my youngest son - I know Santa will be bringing some cars and airplanes so now he has somewhere to store them all :)
These cool socks are a RAOK for one of my friends who hasn't been having it that easy lately - I hope they cheer her up
I think this is an 'Imperial Moth'????? He landed on the wall beside my laundry and was so pretty and big I just had to get a piccy........
And a major tradition in our house is gingerbread - my kiddies cannot get enough so hopefully 226 cookies later we will last til Christmas LOL  Took me the best part of a day to make them all but they do look great when iced and finished.
These two are done with 'super Mario' themed ribbon for my next two sons - they will be storage bags for some bits and pieces they are getting :)
An angel for a friend - this time I crocheted some lace around the dress too
A second mandala for a dear friend :)

These angels are the finished group that my kids gave to their school teachers - always nice to appreciate their hard work teaching.    

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