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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas present - Tablecloth into a car mat

 This year our smallest son is really into toy cars and airplanes/helicopters (I'm sure Santa will be bringing him some of these toys) so I decided to make a mat for him to play on...I've also made a storage bag to go with everything but haven't finished that yet....anyway my goal was to use only what I had without buying anything else.
First I raided my fabric stash and found the perfect base - an old retro tablecloth, it had some flowers but hey I could work with them :)

 Next I sketched a rough design on paper of a race track/roads - when I was happy I freehand sketched it onto the tablecloth.

Then on my sewing machine I simply stitched over all my lines using black thread - a bit fiddly and not perfect but it looked good. I added helicopter pads too.
Next I started embellishing with anything I had in my craft boxes - felt for trees and water etc (all done freehand and sewn on with the machine), I found some sew on appliques so stitched them on too - I parked the race car in a car park hehe, next some buttons came in handy in various shapes....I love the little mushroom houses :)

 and here is a close up of what I achieved and although it's quite rudimentary and not exactly perfect I think he'll love it :)
Total cost - $0 .....Time spent - 1 day.

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Noelle said...

That is SO COOL!