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Monday, August 19, 2013

Free knit pattern - 3 way rib kindle cozy

I had a very special 50g ball of yarn and decided a kindle cozy was something I would use all the time and hence be able to enjoy the yarn....I did remember to write my pattern up as I went for once so here it is :)

3 way rib kindle cozy!

3mm, 30cm circular needle or DPN's
Worsted yarn - I used 'Nerd girl yarns' Luscious....worsted merino silk
stitch marker

Cast on 64 and join in the round

K2 P2 rib for 2 inches

Knit 5 rounds

K2, P1 around til last two sts, P2tog
Repeat K2 P1 rib for a total of 2 inches

K 5 rounds

K1 P1 around til last two stitches, P2tog.
Rep K1 P1 rib for 1 inch.

Next we will be finishing with a 3 needle bind off.
transfer half your sts to another needle and then complete the 3 needle bind off.
Turn inside out then weave in ends :)

The cozy can easily be made longer by adding extra rounds to each set of ribbing.
You can also leave it right side out if you prefer the knit look with the rib rather than the purl bumps.
The pattern can also be easily adapted to knitting flat if you prefer and sewing up a few seams.

Another option would be to add an eyelet round so you can thread through a cord at the opening: 
K2tog, YO, P2 around. Next round continue as K2 P2.


aknitwithacake said...

I might try one of those, I knitted myself one when I first started knitting, but it is a bit dog eared now!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I love the combination of all the ribs, and it looks like the perfect little project for busy variegated yarn. My eReader's a different brand though. Can you post some dimensions so that I can see if I'll need to modify? Thanks for sharing!

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

Very cute cosy!

Kristie Matt said...

Dimensions of my kindle: 12cm across
17cm tall

dimensions of my cozy: 13.5cm across
18cm tall

These were taken unstretched so there is plenty of extra room.