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Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick one!

Just a quick post from me.....lots happening here with my kiddies on school holidays and not much time to myself.
First I think I'll admit something.....Oh the shame!
I've finally dug this poor UFO out of the dark depths of a cupboard where it has been sitting.....I started this cardi for myself way back at the start of 2012 and it's pretty much been waiting on two 3/4 sleeves to be finished *sigh*, not really sure what happened other than other things just seemed more important to make ..............insert bottom lip out......... anyway determined to finish it this month so I WILL be able to wear it this winter! Hold me to it!

Getting past the shame and into the other things LOL
I just fininished this cute crocheted circle shrug for a friends daughter - the combination of colors is sure to brighten any winter day :)

These squares are for the same friend but my contribution to a blanket that is being made for her new belly bub - so fabulous that a bunch of us are all putting our touch on it. I made all these up as I went.

And of course you want to see my assistant to daily walkabouts is Miss Calliope enjoying a ride in her mei tai carrier......


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The Tattooed Ladies said...

That multicolored shrug is adorable!!!