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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Purple carrot dyeing!

A short while ago I came across some 'original' purple carrots in my local supermarket, how could I resist such a cool color for a vege.

Anyway one night as a pot full of chopped carrots was boiling away I had an idea for the purple water - it was a rich purple too, not wishy washy at all......anyway I grabbed some scrap yarn and chucked it in (Yes, I removed our carrots for dinner first LOL).
I must confess I'm not a dyer - I truly had no idea what would happen but I did go for a google browse which told me to add in a few splashs of white vinegar to help set the color and boil it away for a while....after that I removed the yarn (Oh and I did also chuck in a white baby flannel wash cloth for the sake of it too) and cloth and left them to dry overnight.
Next day I rinsed them until no more dye ran and then dried them in the sunshine.

The yarn turned out fabulous and actually took up quite a lot of the dye.....I even re-washed and scrubbed the yarn to test for colorfastness and not a drop of color came out.
Woohoo! How cool is that!
The yarn I used was a merino 90%/cashmere10% blend.

The washcloth washed out quite a bit but it still came out a nice pinky purple color.

This is the yarn after I wound it into a cake - not the best pic.

So there you go.....I can now dye myself some purple yarn, hehe.......might try a cotton yarn next!

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Jacana said...

Thanks for sharing this. I knew originally carrots were purple but have never seen them in a supermarket or fruit and veg shop. Love the colour the wool turned out.