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Sunday, April 8, 2012


And finally at 26 weeks our belly bubba decided to show which sex it was LOL
It's a girl!
We'd previously had 3 scans before this one (I have more than usual due to health and my CAD) and each time the scan tech would say - it looks like a girl BUT we just can't get a clear enough pic to make sure a lil willy isn't hiding somewhere.............well finally a clear one of 3 lines and nothing (that we could see) between the legs :)
Very excited and a bit stunned at the same time - after 4 boys it is a much wanted gift and also a connecting piece for our first child (a girl) who has been surrounded in boys for quite some time LOL
Bubba is healthy and very active too!

Here are some knits for her.....of course I couldn't resist clicking those needles straight away!!!!!!

pastel princess

Purple princess

Both of these are also being entered in the ravelry group 'Budding Designers Downunder' craftyweewifey KAL.........use any of the designers patterns to enter! And such great patterns they are too - love them for their clear, easy to read format and seamless design!

I am also proud to announce I have received my license to knit 'spring butterfly' pattern for sale and custom.
(the top photo shows the pattern....titled pastel princess)
I'll be adding some of these cute little knits to my shop and custom page soon :)


And here is the Easter present I knitted for my husband <3
A cabled 'sea beanie' from Elena Nodel designs.

Next knit started on the needles is one for my 18mth old son Israel.....I really should get back to knitting my jacket, it's about halfway finished....just need to do the length and sleeves.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Two cute little dresses! Congratulations! It'll be a treat for the oldest to have a baby sister, for sure.

Very nice beanie pattern too. I think I'll add that to my favourites!

Sandy said...

Darling little dresses and congrats!

Renee Anne said...

Sometimes I wish I had more time to knit because those dresses are adorable and we have a niece on the way...then again, I am working on a blanket for her.

And Little Man probably wouldn't like to wear a dress.

Are you still going to call her Bubba?

GirlAnachronismE said...

Congratulations on having a girl, it must be so exciting! And those baby dresses are so cute!

Miss Cinders said...

Ohhh lovely! You have such an awesome talent!

And congrats on the pattern!! WOO! HOO!!


Anonymous said...
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