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Monday, March 21, 2011

Some finished knits :)

Trying to get a start on all the winter clothes for my 5 kiddies as well as making dolls and teddies for my lil shop and custom orders makes for very busy fingers haha.....there is so much I want to do!

Here is the finished bunnie beanie - it was a fabulous pattern and looks so cute on :)
I made the size 3-8.

This one is a Versa for Israel - He's only 10 mths so it is a little big on him (it's a size 1) but that's good as it will fit him over winter...I absolutely LOVE working with the 'Family Roots' willow merino yarn - it is so soft and squishy. This colorway is called 'Fun with color'...

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MummaBear said...

oh man Issy is getting so big, he's beautiful!