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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little gift

My gorgeous friend Giselle offered to knit me the coolest pair of socks but wouldn’t accept any payment, being the blessing she is, so I am surprising her with some special pieces for her girls :)
This is the first one and is made for little Miss Evie - an IvyAnna in lollytree licorice twist 'waterlily'....I absolutely adore this colorway, it truly does remind me of a bunch of water lilies floating in a tranquil pond on a misty morning.
See the little whale buttons that I added to the back!

Getting prepared for winter here although it's not exactly very cool here yet despite the months being autumn....Oh and Easter soon - I'm involved in a swap of Easter goodies...What to make my partner?????
And if I didn't have enough to do I just signed up for a test knit of a cute little dress....Oh how I wish I had a tiny baby girl again says she praying very loudly upwards!



Noelle said...

Very cool! Gis will love that- she looooves green tones!

MummaBear said...

aww that's so cute!! Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Gis is the sweetest isn't she? She will love that for Miss Evie.

trudette said...

Beautiful dress, Miss Evie will look like a princess !