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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just blogging and a free pattern

Haven't had much time to blog lately, my hands have been busy with custom orders and my mind has been like a piece of paper in a whirlwind coming up with ideas for patterns and crafty things.
I am in the middle of designing a crocheted singlet for my baby boy - it still amazes me how little there is out there to make for little boys...if someone were to release a pattern book solely dedicated to boys I think I would be the first to buy it (crochet, sewing and knits please LOL) anyway I am working along the lines of a 'done in one piece'...I absolutely detest sewing seams when I know I don't have to. Bamboo and cotton yarn for summer, I have yet to decide if I'll do a contrast color. If it works out I'll post the pattern here :)

I also managed to write out my ruffle flower pattern that I use for decorating headbands, tops etc
Here tis......

Ruffle Flower
Start with a magic circle and do 6 SC into it, sl st to first SC.
2 SC in each around (12 SC)  sl st to first stitch.
CH 8 and SC into next st...REP around (12 loops).
SL ST into the first loop and do 12 DC into st into the next loop and REP all around.
Finish off.


Clara said...

It seems like we are always on the go and each day gets busier. I hope you find some time for yourself amidst all of your work! Thanks for sharing your flower pattern.

glor said...

Love the flower. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kristie said...

thanx :)
Happy to share!!