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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crocheted shawl in dark purple and periwinkle

  And here is my latest FO - a crocheted shawl in a very soft yarn in the colors of dark purple and periwinkle. Destined for my MIL's birthday present....all I need to do is find a lovely shawl pin/brooch to go with it.


Naomi said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I don't know where you find the time to do all this but you are very talented!

Kristie said...

Thank you hon :)
It's totally challenging to be able to sit for long enough but that's what 2am is for LOL

Daphine said...

Wow! Beautiful shawl! Is this a pattern you can share? I would really like to have it, if you can!
I have five children - 4 boys and one girl. BUT, I also have 12 grandchildren and one great-grandson! Yours looks like a wonderful family. Remember to take time for yourself, even if it is 2am!
LOL Daphine

Kristie said...

Hi Daphine,
The pattern is from a seller on etsy...can be found here