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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Listening to rainbows

 My life has been strange lately - everything seems the same but it doesn't feel the same...and rainbows keep popping up everywhere I go. It all started with a photo posted on a forum that a friend had taken

Thanx to Cherie for letting me share it with you :)

I sat staring at the rainbow for ages and I felt something come over me (no I'm not crazy, lol) but as you do I didn't give it much thought and carried on doing what I was doing.
Then I was at my favorite bead shop and as I walked in I literally came face to face with a picture of a rainbow and strangely walked out with nothing.....nothing that fitted or worked with what I was beading in fact I wasn't beading, i couldn't make it work. 
Fast forward to days later and we decided to take the kids out to Nanny's - I wasn't too happy feeling that day...I was angry and frustrated but I didn't know why so I tried to keep quiet and lent my head on the car door only to look up and see for myself a beautiful rainbow spread across the many rainbows I'd have to be stupid not to notice.
So I thought about it a lot and then I went backwards....I say backwards cos I wasn't moving forward, maybe I didn't move at all but I finally listened to that whisper in my ear...................
A rainbows beauty simply says that even after the roughest storm things will get better. Beauty will appear in a person's life again. This is the spiritual meaning.

Recognition is what I received, my prayers have been acknowledged and I just have to trust that its okay........just like the whisper said 'One movement at a time'.


Moonangelnay said...

how very special to keep finding rainbows :D beautiful picture

purplecat said...

Hi Kristie, what a wonderful post, the rainbows are telling you something, blessings are coming you way ((hugs))