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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dancing on the ceiling.....Oh, what a feeling

Woohoo I have completed making from scratch a whole entire website (and no i had no dreamweaver/other program).....My back is killing me and my eyes just about can't see but its done and ready to go! I am so proud that I did it myself - its the best thing I've done lately and it adds to my list of things I can do - I feel so capable and that is a good feeling for this world.
Anything is possible as they say and by trying we prove that for ourselves. i am so happy I really could dance on the ceiling....

Exclusive rosaries, chaplets, angel chaplets, prayer beads etc....each one is unique and feature high quality beads including individually handmade lampwork beads.
I can also do custom orders and we have a layby option available as well.

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