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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two simple gluten free recipes - Chicken/vege pie and a caramel dessert.

I do lots of experimenting with food especially since becoming diagnosed celiac and having to go gluten free - lets face it gluten free has come a long way but most times it's just ugh! I took basic methods of cooking and did things my way to create simple easy recipes.

First up a chicken pie!

(Recipe makes a good sized family pie)

half a pumpkin
4 potatoes
A large chicken breast
a large leek
1 onion
big knob of butter
spinach (say 5 leaves)
250ml of cream
pie pastry  (I buy a slab of pre-made GF pastry and roll it out myself but you could make this from scratch)
half teaspoon each of spices of your choice (I used Chinese 5 spice, nutmeg, turmeric and ground cumin)
salt and pepper
Fresh herbs - parsley


Okay so first I boiled the pumpkin and potato together....drained them than mashed.

Roll out your pastry, put it in the pie dish and blind bake it in the oven til light golden.

In a fry pan cook the chicken (cut up into small chunks), onion, leek together with a big knob of butter. Add in your spices, salt and pepper to taste. Lastly throw in the fresh herbs and spinach. Once it's all cooked take it off the heat and stir in the thickened cream andthe mashed pumpkin and potato. Stir well to combine.

Grab your cooked pie shell and spoon in the mixture. Put pastry strips on top and cook until a beautiful deep golden brown (I did mine for about 10-15mins)


Alternates to this recipe would be to add in some whisked eggs with the cream - this would make for a pie that would hold it's shape better. Or change up the veges, spices etc. Or if your not a fan of a full pastry pie just put a lid of pastry over the top instead placing the filling straight into the empty pie dish.

and now we want dessert ;)


This one is simple and easy and barely takes 5 mins to make - very similar to a cheesecake :)

Caramel cheesecake dessert!

1 tin of caramel bake and fill (find this near the sweetened condensed milk tins in the supermarket)
1 250ml thickened cream
500g of Philadelphia cream cheese (2 blocks)
With an electric mixer mix together the cream cheese and caramel....when it's nice and smooth with no more lumps of cheese pour in cream and whizz again until smooth.
Set in fridge.
I like to layer a wine glass with frozen berries, pour in the mixture until near the top, pop in some more frozen berries and then heavily sprinkle with flaked choccy!!!! OMG Yum!

Again this recipe is able to be changed up however you like - pour it over a biscuit base, mix in chocolate piece!

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