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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garden Goodies!

You prepare the soil, plant the seeds and then you get to eat the yummy goodies at the end!!!!!

These are 'Jack be little' pumpkins....our first time growing them and aren't they just the cutest! I roasted them whole and ate them with a spoon! I've saved the seeds too ready for next years crop planting......

And look at the yummy greens that are starting to produce - silverbeet, peas..Oh and some parsley thrown in cos it adds to the flavour when steaming :)

And my first ever strawberry jam - quite proud of this one.....Our strawberries are producing heaps now.
Soooooooo much better tasting than the shop bought jam too!

Another month and a bit and we'll be heading into spring here in Australia so it's time to be thinking of our next seed plant up - Corn is definitely on the list as well as a big selection of flowers to help out the native bees in our area (not to mention it helps our plants pollinate too)


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