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Monday, December 31, 2012

I-cord snake pattern - knit

I made up these simple little stash busting snakes for my kids for Christmas - nothing too special but I was trying out an i-cord and thought I'd keep note of how I did the head, enjoy!
They literally take less than a few grams of yarn to make.

Stash gram snake.

Start with making an icord the length you want your snakes body to be.......lots of tutorials in how to make an i-cord can be found on youtube.

Next we will begin knitting by rows......

KFB (knit into front and back of stitch) into each stitch across .....this increases your sts to 6. Turn.
KFB, Knit 4, KFB .....increases to 8 sts across. Turn.
Knit across. Turn
Purl across. Turn
Knit across. Turn
Purl across. Turn
Knit across. Turn
Purl across. Turn
K2tog, Knit 4, K2tog........this decreases to 6 sts. Turn
P2tog, Purl 2, P2tog.......this decreases to 4 sts. Turn
Cast off in knit.

Embroider eyes with black cotton thread and tie on and knot a piece of red yarn for the tongue.
Weave in all ends.


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

These are adorable!! I can imagine how delighted your children were to receive them.
Happy New Years and happy knitting...

jacqsierae said...

soooo cute. Snakes r my love...We have a 9' 4" carpet real one, called Cleo!

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

Love the snakes, so cute. And Happy New Year!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Adorable. We loved snakes when we were kids!

Unknown said...

thanx so much for all the lovely comments xx

Unknown said...

Very cute! These will make great bookmarks.