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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teen pregnancy and a fellow blogging mom!

I follow a fantastic blog by a fellow mom and she has just written a brilliant blog post on teen pregnancy and her experiences.
You can find it here Saturday morning ogre mum
Anyway on her FB page I answered a question she had and at me she threw another.......

What is one piece of advice you would all give to a pregnant teenage girl?

I did think about that question for a while before I answered.....I was that pregnant teenage girl. I was 16 when I fell pregnant with my first beautiful daughter and I decided to travel back to that time to see if there was an answer that I felt inside, a worthy piece of advice, not just the usual 'right thing to say'.

I took on alot back then.....Of course there was much more than I'll write but I'll tell you the two things that stuck with me to this day.......
First it was the disappointment, it came from a lot of people, even people I didn't know......I'd walk down the street and 'feel' the pure disappointment and disapproval from people who glanced my way. My family was disappointed. My boss (I worked at a supermarket) was disappointed.
Somewhere in my mind I knew this was supposed to be a happy time for a woman but for me it was crowded with other people - the looks, their words.

Another thing that stuck with me was what I call the 'impending failure'...........To most people I had already failed life and now I was about to fail with a child in tow - I guess they would fail too then?
I'd written myself off before I had even got started........According to the consensus I was another statistic, another baby raising a baby and my big fat mistake was just that - a mistake that crushed my success.

And so...............................
The one piece of advice I would give a pregnant teen is to believe in themselves (and their body) - the most important thing to a baby is it's mother as a whole NOT her age, social status or the fact that she supposedly has just made the biggest mistake of her life in 90% of peoples minds!

Oh and about the disappointment and what people think - Don't fight it.....when you bring a baby into this world there is nothing that can heal you better than the pure love you will feel when your holding your baby for the first time.


P.S Oh and the whole journey turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done!


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Anonymous said...

You're so special mumma. There is a reason why you ave a house full of beautiful faces.