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Friday, June 22, 2012

Catch up.....

I only have 2 and a bit weeks now til our 6th lil person enters the world (hopefully sooner) so this post will be a catch up on what I've been creating......

Another two test knits for 'yarn madness'....aren't they the sweetest!

This dress is a heavily modified version of a doll dress to fit newborn size instead.
Waffle blanket

'The Queens boy' is the title of this one.....for my Angelus!

Another new baby knit in a yarn I've held onto forever....soft, squishy and oh so pretty!
On my needles right now is a 'baby vertebrae' for a WWFY knit.....It's been requested in two row stripes and is looking very stylish - I'll post a piccy once I divide for the sleeves :)
I'm also about to start a crocheted vest for my eldest son but I can't decide on buttons or a zipper?????
What do you think?

AND look at this yarny soft and buttery!
1272g of corridale x…..swoon ♥
From a rescue sheep, Pavlova, at the 'New Gully Santuary'. When they shear her they process the yarn completely and then handpaint it - I got every last bit of this season!!!!
All proceeds to the sanctuary which they run.
And just because here is a lil pic of belly bub at 37 weeks :)


Renee Anne said...

Love it! I'm also impressed with your yarny prowess as it took me 18 months to make Little Man's blanket (and it's still not blocked and the ends aren't woven in, either).

Anonymous said...

I love the tyedye effect of the tank, it's perfect. Your post is full of temptation, belly pics and yarny goodness.. must locate my hubby. ;p

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Wow, you've been very prolific! Your belly is beautiful.

Sandy said...

Love the little dress, very cute. Looks like you're about to expload, lol.