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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little bit steampunk!

I recently joined the 'Will knit for yarn' group on ravelry - people swap yarn for your knitting ability! It was my second or third project done as a hired knitter. A great way to find something to do if you have nothing scheduled to knit or crochet!

Clockwork by Stephen West
 I love how easy this pattern is and I have to let you know that there are hardly any ends to weave in (I know how this totally takes away from the joy of a project so don't worry with this pattern).
It's gorgeously 'unisex' and done in a scrummy yarn....this one is done with wollmeise.....A strong pattern with a simplistic steampunk type look.
Can you imagine it done in and yellow or black and white!!!!

Twas a dull day for pics but I had to get it in the post an hour after I finished.......

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