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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A rosary and some little felt people...

Here are my latest creations :)

I am so happy with the rosary as it just seemed to fall into place, i totally adore the white focal swirl beads. This will be going up for sale tonight on my website.
Why make rosaries? For me its a way of connecting with the higher power and we all know how important prayers some point we can all be heard praying for one thing or another whether we believe in a certain something or not. Incorporating a beaded rosary into your prayers allow for tactile connection, something to hold on to and something to focus our efforts.

Later will come smaller chaplets....a prayer and chaplet devoted to the holy angels will be coming  hopefully towards the end of next week.
I am also going to be including simple prayer beads aswell



Here are some of my felt play people for children -

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purplecat said...

The rosary is amazing- great job, looking forward to seeing the prayer beads :)
Hope you and your family are well!