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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Knitting project - pattern coming soon

Busy at work on the knitting front I am in the process of designing a new baby singlet pattern in a gorgeous 4 ply yarn..........Made with ribbing on the bottom and around the middle it is sure to be a well fitted top. The pattern will be posted soon as well as a photo.................

Life is pretty busy around here, my little baby is growing in leaps and bounds, at only 7 months he's already crawling and sitting up by himself, lil cutie

I am in the opinion though that sometimes days just seem to all roll together and life just isn't as grand as it should be.....but there I'm not being very grateful am I
Me thinks I'm having a tired, discouraged day...the weather is overcast as well so maybe the world is having a dull day too

I have once again run out of bamboo fleece, duh and so am left waiting for it to arrive early next week though I have just added a whole bunch of new cloth pad stocks to the US side of the cloth pad shop and also to my website!


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